Hello! I’m Skech Roman, 6 time olympic gymnast, astronaut, former Mr. Universe, co-founder of the Internet, high profile lawyer, Professor Emeritus from MIT. First man to reach top of Mt. Everest, second man on the moon. Was the Gerber baby, the new face of Jordache, and was the inspiration for the man your man could smell like.* Oh and I also do art.**
*Allegedly. **Actual fact.

It means Frequently Asked Questions and Ignored Answers. This is for the majority of people with this most infectious of mental diseases that is laziness, who refuse to do a tiny bit of research before asking THE obvious questions that has been asked so many times before.

What program do you use for sketching/lines/colors?
Easy Paint Tool Sai, Google is your best friend. 

Will you draw X for me? I have no money but it is for a special reason.
I do this for a living, if I was rich and didn’t have to pay bills and line some rich fucker’s pockets, I wouldn’t mind. But for now, I do not do requests unless you are EXTREMELY close to me. 

How did you learn to draw/color/shade the way you do?
I draw constantly, I mean con-FUCKING-stantly. Even when I am not touching stylus or pencil I am drawing things out in the air, or on surfaces around me. But I have learned from friends, family, and various media. My advice, draw as much as you can to get better, push it! 

Do you have any tips, tricks or tutorials?
I am sorry, it will be forth-coming.

What will you draw in a commission?
I will attempt to draw anything you wish. There are a few things to take note of if you intend to commission me. Full details can be found in the Commission Section of the site.

Can I draw your characters?
Of course you can. It is considered fanart, but in no way may you draw them for use in your fictions, roleplay, Secondlife models or any other formats. You may not use them in such a manner as they DO NOT belong to you.

Who are your influences?
This question is very general, but once again friends, family, and various media. I find something I like and try to incorporate it into my own style. This DOESN’T mean I copy but I learn from the technique to make my own.

Where are you from?What is your nationality?
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, then I moved to NYC when I was 6. Down to Florida when I was 15, and now VA when I was 28. In between I have been to a lot of places in the US and abroad.

What were you doing to my mom?
Really, do I have to explain THAT to you?

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